grepolis map enhancer

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There have been many additions to the script since 2017, like displaying alliance tags on the world map, displaying inactive players and adding custom tags. The script is approved by Innogames. You can request new features, which can be implemented after approval.


Please install Tampermonkey first by downloading it for Chrome, Firefox or a browser of choice.
After installing Tampermonkey, follow this URL and click install.


New functionalities can be requested.
- open source code (MIT license)
- new: island tags
- new: custom colored tags
- new: import functionality
- translations
- display custom tags on the map and next to city links
- synchronize custom tags with ally members
- display alliance names on the map
- display player names on the map
- display inactive players on the map
- send command info to discord with one click
- display colours on the alliance forum.
- diplay arrival times of commands
- animate farm villages
- fully customizable with a settings menu
- small visual fixes


If you have enabled automatic updates, the script will update by itself. If you can't wait for new functions, click the installation link again.


found a bug? need to contact me? want to help translating?

contact of cyllos#0499 on discord

Thank you for translating: Doctor Brzeszczot (pl)